Rev Management Inc. is a Butler County based management firm, dedicated to providing families with quality and affordable housing solutions. We offer many programs custom tailored to suit your individual requirements. We specialize in acquiring homes that meet the needs of most families. Please contact us before you decide that you can’t afford or don’t deserve a chance to move into a new home.


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Getting started is easy.  Please drive by the home and make sure you like the street, neighborhood, and exterior of the home first.  Then each applicant over the age of eighteen must submit an application.   All fields are required.  An incomplete application can delay the process and will not be reviewed until fully completed.  Once accepted and pre-qualified we will be happy to schedule a time to view the home with you.  Approval is very easy and we do work with families with little or damaged credit everyday.  Please understand it is our policy to get you pre-approved before showing you the home.